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Call For Papers for The Electronic Journal Of Research And Development (Reid) 2020/2021


The Electronic Journal of Research and Development (Revista Electrónica de Investigação e Desenvolvimento, REID) is a scholarly journal, with all papers (submitted or requested) subjected to double-blind peer review.


It is published biannually, both in the English and Portuguese language, containing principally original works of basic and applied research, as well as innovational and experimental research (associated with local development), research reports, essays and critical reviews of recent publications, particularly in the context of economic, educational, social and cultural development. Its main objective is to disseminate specialized knowledge from all scientific fields in order to contribute to the development of Mozambique in general and to each province, region or local community in the country in particular. REID also accepts submissions of research carried out in other countries.


The journal is structured in three sections: a) Monographs (scholarly studies); b) Experimental and/or innovational research, and c) Critical reviews 


The current call for papers covers the second half of 2020 and all of 2021 and with the focus on the following themes:


  • 11th Edition – Volume 2 (2020)

Science And Technology And The Role Of Communication In Educational Institutions And Religious Communities For The Prevention And Management Of Pandemics:  Looking At Perspectives Of Social Dynamics In The Context Of The New Normal

Deadline for submission: 30 November 2020


  • Número 11, Volume 2 (2020): “Ciência e Tecnologia e Papel da Comunicação, das Instituições de Ensino e das Confissões Religiosas na Prevenção e Combate de Pandemias: Um Olhar Sobre os Horizontes da Dinâmica Social no Contexto do "Novo Normal".

Submissão de Artigos até 30 de Novembro de 2020


  • 12th Edition-Volume 1 (2021)

The Role Of Engineering, Religion, Medicine And Education In The Promotion Of Sustainable Development:  An Integrated Analysis Of The Relationship Between Knowledge, Morality, Health, Education And Sustainable Development.

Deadline for submission: 31 March 2021

  • Número 12, Volume 1 (2021): “O Papel das Engenharias, da Religião, da Medicina e da Educação na Promoção do Desenvolvimento Sustentável: Uma Análise Integrada da Relação entre o Saber, a Moral, a Saúde, a Educação e Desenvolvimento Sustentável”.

Submissão de Artigos até 31 de Março de 2021


  • 12th Edition=Volume 2 (2021)

Faith, Fundamentalism/Extremism, Cultural Identity, Conflict Management, Good Governance, Human Rights and International Social and Economic Crises: A Critical Reflection On the Reality Of The African Continent.

Deadline submission: 30 September 2021


  • Número 12, Volume 2 (2021): “Fé, Fundamentalismo/Extremismo, Identidade Cultural, Gestão de Conflitos, Boa Governação, Direitos Humanos e Crise Económica e Social Internacional: Uma Reflexão Crítica Sobre a Realidade do Continente Africano".

Submissão de Artigos até 20 de Setembro de 2021


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